Nodular pearlitic rolls are widely used for hot rolling applications in different type of Roughing and Intermediate group stands. The material consists of graphite and carbides in pearlitic matrix.

Depending on the primary requirements (whether thermal shocks / cracks, crack penatrations or wear resisitance etc. ..) there are variety of Cr, Ni, Mo alloyed grades used considering the rolling mill operational conditions and groove / caliber design. The carbide content is relatively higher in alloyed grades compared with standard grades. Heat treatment improves the resistance to thermal cracks as well.

Nodular acicular rolls are widely used for hot rolling applications in different type of intermediate, prefinishing and finishing group stands. The material consists of nodular graphite and carbides in martensitic and bainitic matrix. SGAC rolls are more wear resistant than nodular pearlitic rolls.

depending on the primary requirements there are variety of standard and also more alloyed grades used considering rolling mill operational conditions and specially wear resistance which is increasing with hardness drop if compared with standard grades considering type of groove / caliber.

x50 Pearlitic

x50 Accicular

Hardness Graph

Depth from surface ( mm)
ALLOY STEEL BASE (ADAMITE) ROLLS Click here for specifications >>

Steel Rolls 'as-cast' without heat treatment are not suitable for rolling. Dendritic structure, coarse grain, non-homogeneity and internal stresses make it poor in mechanical properties. So these rolls are subjected to precisely Comentite/Ferrite more evenly while retaining the basic Pearlitic structure so important to Alloy Steel Rolls.

Such rolls have higher strength at cost of hardness decrease compared to Chill or S G iron Rolls, making them suitable for heavier passes and severe stress in the roughing & intermediate stands.

Alloy cast Rolls are chiefly applied for the mills where the strength or biting quality is taken into further consideration than wear resistance. A wide range of Alloy cast Steel Rolls have been developed to meet individual applications, depending on their carbon content and heat treatment.

Alloy steel Base Roll performance in rolling operation is generally placed in middle way, lying between the quality of Alloy Cast Steel Rolls and that of S G Iron Rolls.

The rolls are heat treated for many hours under the rigid control of metallurgical standard. Their resistance to wear and abrasion of the rolls is quite excellent.

These rolls are incomparable for rolling Rails, Angles, Channels, and Beams, where deep passes are necessary. They are specially recommended for high tonnage of Billet, Sheet bar and rails and where very long rolling period is required. They are extensively used for duty work, such as blooming and slabbing.

x50 Alloy Steel Cast Roll

x500 Alloy Base Steel Roll

Hardness Graph

Depth from surface (mm)

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